Conference Topics

Advanced Fission Systems

  • HTGRs
  • Breeders
  • Small Reactors
  • Modular Designs
Fusion energy systems
  • Inertial Fusion Energy
  • Magnetic Fusion Energy
  • Fusion-Fission Hybrids
  • Muon Catalyzed Fusion
Advanced Neutron Sources and Accelerator Driven Systems
  • Accelerator Driven System Programs
  • Spallation Sources
  • Triple Coupling: Accelerator, Source, Reactor
  • Laser Driven Neutron Sources
Exotic Nuclear Reactor Concepts
Improved Technical Performance
  • High Conversion Efficiency
  • Advanced Power Cycles
The Electric Vehicle as a Complement to Nuclear Power.
The Generation-III challenge and APR Deployment in East Pacific Region (China, Korea, etc.)
The Nuclear Program of Gulf Countres (Saudi Arabia, Emirates, etc.)
  • Improved Material Performance
  • Radiation Damage Testing, Modeling and Simulations
  • Irradiation Testing Facilities
Transmutation and Fuel Cycle
  • Advanced Fuel Cycles
  • Transmutation of Nuclear Waste
  • Irradiated Fuel Separation Processes
  • Innovation Transmutation
  • Life Extension
Generation IV Reactors
Safety and Environment
  • Licensing of Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems
  • Modeling and Simulations
Operations and Economics
  • Life Extension
  • Low Carbon Economies
Co-Generation and Non Electricity Production Applications
Space Power and Propulsion
Deep Space Exploration, General
Nuclear Hydrogen Production
Radiation Protection & Shielding
Hydrogen Energy General, Including Non-Nuclear Applications
Solar Energy and other Alternative Energies for Industrial Energy Production
Sustainability and Renewability
Long Range Energy Planning – A World View of Energy Growth and Implications for Nuclear Energy
Knowledge, Management and Human Resources
  • Networking
  • Massive Open On-Line Courses
  • Knowledge Management Preservation
  • Needs of Human Resources for Future Projects
Social Issues